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BonusParts A to Z: Video Edition! D is for Diversity

A bit of introduction

Part of my job is testing and keeping current our livestreaming software. We use Wirecast as our preferred option. To that end, I’ve been doing weekly tests of the software. This week, since I’m currently sheltering in place due to 2020 Spring COVID-19 mitigation efforts, and since I’ve fallen woefully behind on my BonusParts A to Z project, I thought I’d combine the two efforts into one. So, here is my BonusParts A to Z post for the letter “D” – in video form!

D is for … Diversity

Would you like to hear and see more?

If you enjoyed the video, and you’d like to see me make more of them using this format, let me know in the comments! I’ve got to do the testing anyway….

I hope you’re all staying safe, healthy, and sane, wherever (and whenever) you read this. <3