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Mayumi Hirtzel

I’ve always been fascinated by stories, whether they’re comics, films, television, books, or games. I’ve also been making up stories for as long as I can remember. When I became old enough to hold a pen in my hand, I started to write those stories down. At first, my stories were only a few lines long. They weren’t very good, but the more I practiced, the more I wrote, and the better I got at the parts that make a story: dialogue, description, characterization, motivation, plot – all the good stuff that keeps people turning pages and coming back for more.

I hope you’ll take a look at my stories, some of which you can purchase and others you can read for free, here and around the web!


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book cover for Number Seven and the Life Left Behind

Number Seven and the Life Left Behind

Thriller novella; original fiction. Available for purchase.

book cover for Even Cowboys Get Hip Replacements

Even Cowboys Get Hip Replacements

DC Superhero fanfiction. Free to read; paperback version available.

book cover for Baby, You're Making Me Crazy

Baby, You’re Making Me Crazy

DC Superhero fanfiction. Free to read; paperback version available.

Coming Soon!

Available late 2023

Without Wings

DC Superhero Fanfiction

Imprisoned. Conscripted. Taken as a battle prize and forced into sex slavery. The last few years have been *rough* for Golden Eagle. Now, stuck on a pirate ship at the edge of the galaxy, the once-upon-a-time Titan just wants to get home. But which home? There’s Thanagar, the world of his father, to which he promised he’d return but where everyone despises him for his half-blood heritage. There’s also Earth, his mother’s world, where he once had friends and a woman he loved, but where he committed his most shameful sin. Complicating matters is the alluring ship’s scientist for whom he’s started to feel a closeness yet who keeps pushing him away, and the deft, vibrant refugee who reminds him a bit too much of that great love of his past.

Torn between two worlds, two women, and a choice between honor and death, Golden Eagle’s life will be changed forever by the decision he makes. Oh, well. Nobody said redemption would be easy.

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A Prologue, Perhaps?

I'm still working on my occult detective story. A problem I ran into is that the original draft started with the protagonist (Isa) and did not present to the reader a body, as the genre is meant to do. I'm not averse to playing against genre rules in my fanfiction,...

“Things Left Unsaid” (A Transformers fic)

This is a (quite old) Transformers fic I wrote, based on the characters from the Generation 1 cartoon/movie and one of the Transformers Choose Your Own Adventure books from my childhood. I was a hardcore Transformers fangirl back in the 80s, and I *loved* writing...

Prelude to a ghost story

Prelude to a ghost story

  Inspiration For Round 2 of the July 2023 TeamWriter Writing Challenge, we had to write the first 250 words of a story based on a first line from Round 1. I chose to expand on this line: The house on Peachtree Avenue had a history of ghosts and strays. While I...