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I’m doubling-up on prompts again! (Why not start the year off right?)

Lillie McFerrin’s Five Sentence Fiction prompt is “ENDING” and week 71’s prompt for the 100-Word Challenge for Grown-Ups over at Julia’s Place is “…as midnight struck….

As a side note, I rarely put forward for Julia’s challenges anything I personally would deem above and/or beyond the PG rating certificate (Lillie’s challenge comes with no caveat about rating, though I think we police ourselves well enough), but I’m rather liberal about mature subjects, myself. I leave you to be the judge if this is inappropriate.

“Between Them”


The first time they heard midnight strike together, there was just the job between them: script, soundtrack, timecode, a story due by deadline.

The second time it happened, though, they passed between them their own stories, of husbands, wives, and wanton regrets, kept secret until that moment.

By the third, between them there was nothing at all, save the taste of wine on fevered lips…and prospects of forever whispered in his dark hotel room.

So, on the fourth, while still wrapped around each other, he asked the question smoldering between them. And, in his bed, as midnight struck, she answered with a kiss.

I’ve stayed away from Robb and Emma for a while, but this double-edged sword of a mixed prompt plucked at my heartstrings a bit too much to ignore.

What ENDING did you create? What happened when midnight struck? Let me know!