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DETOUR” was the prompt for this week’s Five Sentence Fiction challenge, from Lillie McFerrin. We don’t have to use the word itself, just write a five sentence story using that word as inspiration. (I’m cheating a bit this week, as I originally wrote this one for another prompt. But, I think it fits better, here.)

This one is for all the people out there who don’t always go where they want to go, but get taken to where – and with whom – they need to be.

“In a Word”

There had been other men, of course, before him: the deliriously brilliant swashbuckler who’d spoken of strange and ancient mysteries; the handsome, charming defender who’d nearly swept her off her feet with flattering want; even the wise but wicked gentleman who’d wondered with her what could have been.

He wasn’t as brilliant, handsome, or as wise as them, nor delirious, charming, nor wicked.

But, he was strong and warm when they held each other, tenderly passionate when they kissed, and he filled her with such joy when he made her laugh. And, sometimes, when she least expected, he could be stately, like a gentleman, and as courageous as any knight, and even as exciting as a daredevil…in his own sometimes silly, sweet way.

He was, simply and in a word, her husband.

Yes, yes, I know: I’m a sap. But, I write what I know, which makes me a happy sap.

What DETOUR did your characters take, with this prompt?