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“Enough to Last”

Kiss, doodle

doodling Aral leads to this….

The high-pitched strains of concerto violins singing from the stereo in the corner. The slow-motion flutter of gossamer chiffon to the floor. The muted patter of raindrops against the window, tapping as though to be let in as witnesses to their dance.

He remembered them all, but, more than any other, the words breathed in his ear as she came and took him in her arms for the first time as had and held: “It’s always been you.”

He didn’t totally believe her, but the shine of love when he looked in her eyes could be enough to last him.


I hadn’t planned on participating in any challenges this week, but last week’s free write must have jump-started something in my writing brain, because, after taking one look at Lillie McFerrin’s Five Sentence Fiction prompt this week – “WHISPER” – this vignette came to me almost instantly, with only minuscule changes from the initial drafting.

I hope you, too, are enjoying freedom in your writing, as it’s a glorious feeling to have.

Did you participate in any writing challenges this week? What whisper was blown into your ear? Or, did you whisper something, yourself?