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Week 49’s 100-Word Challenge for Grown-Ups is another text prompt:
….Murray was just about to serve for the Championship when…
As Julia says, you have 100 words plus those in the prompt making 110 altogether. The prompt must be in the piece and not split.

Okay, then! I revisited an earlier vignette for this one, inspired as I was by that trailing “when…”

“Sad to Belong”

(With apologies to England Dan and John Ford Coley.)

They left the hotel television on, simply for the noise: noisy rooms were less likely to be disturbed. And they couldn’t be disturbed. Not now. Not after all the cooped-up days they’d already wasted, yearning for each other’s touch.

Robb’s arms were around her, but, still, Emma had to ask: “You’re certain about this?”

He nodded, nearly desperate. “I can’t go another minute without you,” he said, before crushing his mouth to hers.

They tumbled to the bed then, the television’s chatter covering their moans, and the snap of buttons and belts. Apparently, Murray was just about to serve for the Championship, when Robb’s mobile rang.

It was his wife.

I’m likely alone on this, but I don’t see Emma or Robb as bad people. Perhaps because I see their situation as a case of Right Love, Wrong Life.

What glimpse into another life did you take, with this week’s prompt?