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It’s time, once again, for another 100 Word Challenge for Grown-Ups, courtesy of Julia, who prompts us with
…as the apple fell….

We’ve got to incorporate the prompt, which means we get a total of 104 words with which to work. For me, I’m examining a character in the rough.


He crunched, teeth ripping through red flesh, and sniffed at the dumb, shuffling forms below. Worms, they were: dim drones bred for labor and submission.

Not that he was better. Soldiers followed orders; the behavioral inhibitors wired through his central nervous system made certain of that.

But there had been a time…a time when he’d reveled in the rush of freedom, the flush of passions, and the squeeze of tiny fingers around his thumb….

He crunched again, then grimaced, at the wriggle of greenish, half-eaten pulp.

As the apple fell, he aimed his rifle and sniffed again.

Worms. That’s all any of them were.

Dark, perhaps, but it’s where my mind’s at, these days of rain and storms.