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So, it’s week 54 for Julia’s 100-Word Challenge for Grown-Ups, and we’ve got a relatively simple prompt:
LEGACY. Julia says, You don’t have to … include the word but I would like 100 words on what it says to you.

Legacy always conjures up the idea and ramifications of family, for me. I’m sure others can sympathize…and you’ll likely see more of this sort of legacy, this week. As for me, I’m venturing among the Nightingales, again:

“Pretty Princess”

Katie's Princess

Katie’s Princess

“Miss Trish asked what we’re to be when we grow up,” Billie said, smearing blue across her colouring book Clydesdale.

Sally smiled. “What did you say?”

“Starship captain,” Billie answered. She grabbed a green; the horse became a pegasus. “Or, dinosaur zookeeper.”

“That’s my girl,” Larry quipped.

Sally chuckled, turning to her quieter daughter. “And you?”

Katie dabbed red over her picture princess’s hair, murmuring, “Pretty.”

Sally and Larry stopped, frowning.

Billie gave her pegasus purple horns, declaring, “You’ll be pretty, just like Mummy! But, I have to do more. Because I look like Daddy.”

Larry sneered. “Thanks very much!”

Billie's Horse

Billie’s Horse

There are brutal truths of society that children understand even at an early age; the importance of beauty is one of them (I know I learned it very young). But I didn’t want to dwell too much on such a ponderous topic, so I figured outspoken little Billie could offer a slightly pragmatic turnaround. Hope you enjoy!

What legacy did you examine for this week?