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100 Word Challenge for Grown-UpsLate for this week’s 100-Word Challenge for Grown-Ups. This week’s prompt, per Julia:

Here in the UK we are celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. There is bunting and celebration everywhere.

You have all been lulled into a false sense of security with the last few prompts which have been – let’s face it – easy! So combining both these situations the prompt this week is to write a poem. It doesn’t have to rhyme or be specifically about the Monarch but it should capture the passing of sixty years. I will give you some poetic license with the number of words and say 100 words -ish!

I really stink at poetry; I have real admiration for those who can write in this style on a regular basis. That said, I couldn’t let a whole WCGU go by without trying to make it work, however non-poetic I may be.

“Hero Time”

The first ten years were blush with feeling, brimmed

with kisses, glee, and rampant, wild love.

The second ten brought children with it: two

To charm, and teach, and keep them up at night.

Before they knew, ten more had passed. Thirty, then!

How mad! Just yesterday, it seemed, to be

They’d met, at school, as barely even friends.

Yet, here they were, wife and husband dear.

So, forty years – and fifty, too – they spent,

Still loved and loving…if not how once they’d been.

Then sixty came. What more was left? But one

More chance to show the world, heroes never die.

I wrote these two characters – another set of friends who became something more – for a long time. I had sorted out a whole life story for them, that I may still write, someday.

This week’s challenge gave me the opportunity to revisit them a little bit, something I haven’t been able to do in a while. Hope you enjoy!