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100 Word Challenge for Grown-UpsPer the prompt over at Julia’s Place, for this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown-Ups:

I want you to write a piece with
….‘What was the rabbit late for,’ wondered Alice…..
in it. You have 100 words making a total of 108. However, the last 10 words are going to be used to start a piece by someone else next week!! Good eh! The idea isn’t mine – it came from Winchester House School.

This is quite a tricky prompt! Not only does it require the use of given text, but the writer also has to create a “hook” for the next one to come along! Nevertheless, I couldn’t sit back and let the challenge go unanswered:

Larry paraphrases; he’s barely focused on the text. But Sally doesn’t mind.

She knows he worries, that what he does isn’t “enough.” But she also knows his concern is unnecessary. His touch, his presence, his voice: that’s what’s important. And she tells him as much, when he pauses over the page:

“You’re fine,” she says.

After a moment, he continues. “’What was the rabbit late for, wondered Alice-‘”

A jolt in her belly makes her gasp, softly.

Larry gasps, too. Then, he looks up, his blue eyes wide, astonished. Delighted. “You think… she heard…?”

Sally smiles, and nods. “All she needs is the sound of her daddy’s voice.”

I’m not certain how next week’s prompt will work – if we’ll be choosing our own personal prompt, or if we’ll be assigned someone else’s entry, or if one special entry will serve as the jumping-off point. But I’ve had this story kicking around (if you’ll pardon the pun) for a while, now, and I’m happy that I got to put it to use!


I originally had a completely different entry for this challenge prompt. It was much darker, and played a bit more with the themes of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. You can read it here, if you’re so inclined.