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It’s Week 68 for Julia’s 100-Word Challenge for Grown-Ups! This week, Julia gives us the prompt of:

We’ve got 100 words to use to interpret the prompt, so, here’s mine:

“Fade to Grey”

“I made this,” Billie declared, as she sorted through ornaments. “And this-”

I made that,” Katie corrected, snatching at the yarn doll.

Chuckling, Sally turned, to catch Larry’s reaction. He wasn’t watching the girls, though, but staring at his reflection in a tiny glass ball.

“What’s wrong?” she asked softly.

He ran his fingers through his fringe, frowning. “I’m going grey.”

Sally hummed. Growing old didn’t appeal to her, either. Although, the idea of growing old with him charmed. So, pulling at one pale strand with a grin, she teased, “I made this.”

Larry blinked, then laughed. “You certainly did!”


Let’s admit it: no one really wants to get older, see those lines and fading colors in the mirror. But, when you find someone worth the time and effort, it makes the changes seem not quite so terrible as they might otherwise be.

George Clooney and Helen Mirren: proof you can go grey and still be awesome.

This story is one rather close to my heart, as today marks the fifteen-year anniversary of when my husband and I met. (Fifteen years! Oftentimes, it feels more like fifteen minutes. …underwater. No, no; just kidding!)

Personally, I see more grey in the mirror every day. But, like my Songbirds above, I’ve managed to find someone with whom the prospect of growing older doesn’t seem so scary.

What does “GREY” mean to you?