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Week 72 for Julia’s 100-Word Challenge for Grown-Ups is a phrase prompt:
…you said you’d do WHAT?….
We have to incorporate the phrase above, but that means we get to use 105 words, rather than just 100.

My entry is actually a discarded holiday story, so I hope you won’t mind me going back in time a bit….

By Leaps and Bounds

“You said you’d do-”

“What?! I said, I’d help with rehearsal!”

“But, you know the routine. And we need a male dancer-”

“I’m not a dancer.”

“So, it’s not your preferred sport.”

“It’s not a sport at all! Sports are about athletes, and competition, not…glittered faeries jumpin’ about in tutus-”

“You wouldn’t wear a tutu-”

“I don’t care! I’m not doing it.”

“Fine. I’ll ask Joseph.”

“Wh-! Joe? He moves like a duck!”

“I admit, he’s not as good as you-”

“He can’t even land a proper sissonne-!”

“…Shall I take that as a yes?”


“Don’t worry, love. You’ll make a brilliant Mouse King!”

James Streeter (ENB) as the Mouse King. Public publicity photo by Patrick Baldwin.

James Streeter (ENB) as the Mouse King. Public publicity photo by Patrick Baldwin.

My sister and I used to have a tradition of writing holiday stories, which we’d then trade on Christmas morning to read. This was an inexpensive and fun treat (especially before we had jobs and thus money to spend), and it kept us busy so we weren’t clamoring around the tree at 5am. As growing girls tend to do, though, we fell out of this tradition long ago.

I still think about those holiday stories. With perhaps one exception, they weren’t very good (mine weren’t, anyway), but it was a special kind of joy to know someone was eagerly awaiting the words I’d written. I think that’s why I take part in these challenges: to give a little brightness to at least one person’s day.

WHAT did your characters do, this week?