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Relief and Shame

100 Word Challenge for Grown-Ups

I’m back to Julia’s 100-Word Challenges for Grown-Ups. This week, the prompt has a bit of an Easter theme to it:
…looking at all of that chocolate….
We’re not required to incorporate the exact phrase in this challenge’s 100 words, but I did, because it evokes such a vivid image. Maybe a bit too vivid, though?

Public domain image

Public domain image

“Relief and Shame”

The gift basket was a lovely gesture…but just looking at all of that chocolate made a tide of sick rumble up from her belly to the top of her throat, threatening with a rancid belch she barely caught in her palm in time.

She didn’t notice Wennie crouching beside her in the toilet, not until it was all over. “You want some water?”

Easing back against the wall, she nodded.

Wennie returned a moment later, glass in hand.

She sipped, the cold taste of relief sliding down her throat. And shame.

Wennie gave a tsk. “Have you told him, yet?”

I can’t be the only one who’s felt queasy in this situation. 😉

Did you partake in the chocolate challenge, this week? How did that taste to you?