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About these stories

All of my Doctor Who stories focus on Sally Sparrow and Larry Nightingale, two one-off appearance characters from the (new) “Doctor Who”, specifically the episode “Blink” (S03E10). The episode itself is a very fun ride, despite there not being a whole lot of actual Doctor in it. Sally is a charming heroine, and Larry is a delightful sidekick. Lots of fans prefer Sally to be a companion to the Doctor…but I appreciate the idea that Sally can find a regular man to be challenging enough. Because God knows they can be.

Songbirds Series

The Songbirds stories – so called for principal characters Sparrow and Nightingale – are simple ones. They focus on the mysteries of relationships, lovers, friends, and – eventually – children. In many ways, Sally and Larry give me the chance to have that perfectly imperfect family life, where the adventure is about becoming adults and parents, and children are just another mystery to solve. Their stories are no more fantastic than yours or mine. But they do have their charm.


The stories

The stories linked to below are in chronological order of internal timeline. There’s also a (not-yet-finished) series of 100-ish-word vignettes that covers a wide swath of years, but I’m still figuring out the best way to post that one.

“This Lonely Angel” : Of blinks in time, of the year between, and of Larry Nightingale’s lonely double bed.

“Last Words” : The last words they ever said to each other were, “I hate you.” And now Larry can’t take them back.

“Adaptation” : “Supper and a film,” he said; it should have been just another relaxing evening in. But, between Sally Sparrow and Larry Nightingale, there was more than just sense and sensibility. Mature themes

“Slave Girls and Shining Knights” : He didn’t want the slave girl any longer, no matter how luscious or tantalising.

“A Man Could Get Killed” : She chuckled and told him, “You’re not with your wife, tonight.” Mature themes

“That So Works!” : Life’s little adventures for the team of Sparrow and Nightingale, in 100-word snippets. Episodic fiction