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My Fan Fiction

I’ve been writing fan fiction for as long as I’ve been writing – which is quite a few years! My first fan fiction stories were set in the Star Wars universe. I wrote in pencil back then, because I appreciated the opportunity to erase any bad lines or ideas. Those stories are long gone, lost to time and fading lead lines.

I remember writing more fan fiction off and on through my grammar school and high school years. Those were mostly scenes and snippets – we call them drabbles, these days – with no real beginning or end. Sometimes, they lacked even the ghost of a plot. But it was a way for me to express myself and let my imagination run free. I didn’t keep many of those pieces either, though I had begun to type them out. In fact, I taught myself how to touch-type by transcribing my handwritten stories to a word processor! My college years offered me some time to write, but it was still just snippets. Until I got a piece of advice from a friend that set me on a new thought-path.

“Finish it.”

That was the advice I got from my friend: Finish the story. Even if it’s shit, you’ve finished it, and that’s more than 90% of people can say. I also figured out that a finished story is a lot easier to edit than a non-finished one. Looking at a story from a point of completion is a very different feeling from looking at a story in progress.

The Finished Bits

The stories below are all “finished,” at least to a point of completion that you’re not hanging on for the ending. I’ve written lots more snippets, scenes, drabbles, and dialogue in each of these fan universes over the years that I haven’t completed, but it doesn’t seem fair to offer them up when, in most cases, I have no intention of ever going back to them. There are exceptions, of course, and those are the challenge pieces that I wrote to satisfy some writing challenge I’d come across or that I’d placed upon myself.

Each universe link will take you to a new page for that universe. Subsequent links on those pages will take you to the stories.

A Warning

Each story appears in its final form at the time of its completion. That means that I have not gone back and edited any of them to what might be considered my more mature standards. You’ll likely find errors and issues in many of them, but I ask that you accept these faults of my younger writer self. I think it’s important to accept my own growth. That includes accepting the ugliness of my earlier works. Besides, if I took the time to proof and edit all of these older stories, I’d have no time to work on anything new!

Happy reading!