I’m a writer.

I’ve always been fascinated by stories, in comics, films, television, books, and games. I’ve been making up stories for as long as I can remember, starting with – I think – Star Wars. When I became old enough to hold a pen in my hand, I started to write those stories down.

At first, my stories were only a few lines long. I’m sure they weren’t very good, either. But the more I practiced, the more I wrote, the better I got at the parts that make a story: dialogue, description, characterization, motivation, plot – all that good stuff that keeps us turning pages and generally coming back for more.

Fan fic beginnings

When I first started writing, it was fan fiction: stories about the Star Wars rebels having little adventures outside of the movie and comics canon. As time went on, my imagination started to branch out even more, and I created my own characters in that same universe. Over time, I moved on to other story universes: the worlds of The Dark Crystal, the X-Men, Transformers, and more. To this day, I still dabble in fan fiction. You can find the links to some of those stories below. Eventually, though, I wanted to make my own universes.

My original stories

My original stories span many genres and sub-genres, from general literary fiction – what you’d consider “drama” if it were TV or a movie – to romance, space opera, fantasy, and thriller. National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, helped me realize that writing every day was not only possible, but a way for me to keep my writing muscles in shape. I completed my first NaNo in 2006 with a semi-historical drama set in feudal Japan, seen through the eyes of a family cat. Multiple NaNo turns throughout the next decade produced two romances, a sci-fi novella, a high-fantasy piece, and a space opera adventure. Two of those were fan fiction stories, but the others were original stories. After completing those, I understood that I did have what it takes to create my own compelling universes.


Keep Reading

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