Fearless began as my entry for National Novel Writing Month 2011. Inspired by a single line of dialogue and one reactive look, it grew from being a simple story about one calloused young man finding love with a fresh and bold young woman, to an examination of the tethers people have to their own physical-ness, and how they use their bodies to identify themselves. As the words flowed, I realized I’d created a full-blown world full of people with fears, anxieties, passions, sorrows, and guilt. Their journey – of how they learn to live with those feelings, overcoming some and just accepting others – became my journey, too.

The story is about honesty. It’s about trust. It’s about redemption and finding strength within oneself, both physical and emotional. It’s about how people sometimes get sucked down into life’s wild and random undertow…and how some of them can still get up again even when they do. But most of all, the story is about love: the love that exists between friends who support each other and are willing to call one another on their shit; the love between family who are willing to protect each other even to the point of blindness; and – especially – the love that exists between lovers who are searching for someone to hold onto, both in the cold, clutching night and the warm, bright day.

I’ve written many stories over my life. Some of them were just for the fun, others were for the challenge, still others were because I wanted to make an impression. None of them have I enjoyed imagining and writing so much as this one, though. It might not end up being my most powerful, my most popular, or even my best work. But it’s been the most true, in its people and their feelings, their failures and their successes.

And that’s made it worth it.

Changing it up

In the year I've had this little blog space, I've tried to keep to an update schedule of three times per week: I reserved Mondays for talking about and posting some pages from the Fearless novel, I kept Wednesdays for creative writing prompts (usually 100-Word...

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(Or, visualisation, if it please you, Beth. ;)) I think writers should be as visual as traditional artists. Perhaps more so, because we need to provide description for a reader, without the benefit of a comic panel or moving image. But, dwelling on description...

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There Are No Villains

Amber smoothed her hand over his tie, flattening it against the line of buttons on his shirt, and looked up at him, her expression an odd mix of hesitant and hopeful. “I know this isn't easy for you,” she muttered. “But, I really want us to try and have a pleasant...

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Good traits v. Bad traits

I've seen in circulation a list of character personality traits, that, on one side, lists strengths - what people typically consider "good" traits - and, on the other corresponding side, faults - what people typically consider "bad" traits. The interesting thing is...

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Pillow Talk

Breathless, sweaty, and dizzy of a sudden, Ross tumbled to the bed beside her, one arm still draped loosely around her. They would need to clean up and wash before bed, but, for the moment, he just wanted to lie with her in the drowsy quiet. So, settling his head next...

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In the mirror

When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see? Take a moment, and think about how you'd describe yourself. If I were going for strict facts, I'd say I'm an Asian female, five-foot-one, brown eyes, dark hair, slight build, no visible distinguishing marks....

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100-Word Challenge: "Let Go" [Fearless]

I'm returning to Julia's 100-Word Challenge for Grown-Ups this week, where the prompt is: "...it can't be that time..." For those of you unfamiliar with this challenge, we're to write a 100-word story using Julia's prompt (in this particular case, we're allowed to go...

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Living in an Immaterial World

I'm back from Japan, where I had a lovely time with both my intimate and my extended family. We ate, drank, walked the touristy route I always walk whenever I visit (the mountain trails at Arashiyama; the shopping maze at Kawaramachi dori; the delectable tempura at...

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