From Hell (A Love Story)

“Borderlands 2” was my perfect storm videogame. It came at the right time, had the right kind of humor and design sense, and offered me such a likable bastard of a playable character that, whenever I think of my favorite videogames, that one’s still in my top 3. It wasn’t just that Axton the Commando had a pet, in the form of his handy, dandy autocannon, but he had a great voice, and a beautiful look. While he came with a prefabricated backstory, I wanted to give him something more. So much that I built a whole extended galaxy around him.

Before Axton, I’d never written a main character who was not firmly heterosexual. Like all of my protagonists, his journey is one of discovery, mostly about himself. In his case, that journey took the form of finding love with another man. Of course, it’s also about guns, sex, and bounty hunting, in no small quantities. As a story, it’s an exercise in indulgence. One I loved every minute of.

Axton’s story begins in my Wild West-inspired space opera novel From Hell (A Love Story), but it doesn’t end there. Not by a long shot. There are over 50 (and counting) follow-up tales, from a sequel novel, to short story collections, to sexy little vignettes that take the characters from one stage of life to the next, including breakups, domestic squabbles, parenthood troubles, and more.

I’ve also been lucky enough to have a few artists take an interest in my characters, and so you’ll find some actual fanart of them among these stories.

If you like mad loot, big guns, and hot dudes, I invite you to take a look at one or more of these stories.

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