Finding Mister Wright

"Finding Mister Wright" cover

“Finding Mister Wright” is my modern-day original fiction series of short stories focusing on the lives, loves, and learning experiences of the Wright and McAllister families. This is the master post of all stories written so far, listed in chronological order for story continuity.

Last updated: 17 June 2018

  • “Namesake”
  • “Punch”
  • “Tuxedos and Sugar Plum Fairies”
  • “The Best Simplicity”
  • “Just a Man”
  • “A Taste of Happiness”
  • “Charmed” (Adult themes)
  • “Finding Mister Wright”
  • “It’s Not Really About the Fishing”
  • “All Yours”
  • “Culture Gap”
  • “Stupid, Macho, and Wicked”
  • “Romance in the Dark”
  • “Daddies and Daughters”
  • “Synchronicity”
  • “Push”
  • “First Choices”
  • “Thirty-Nine”
  • “My Two Dads”
  • “Always Daniel”
  • “Breathe”
  • “Thanks and Giving”
  • “Moments to Remember”
  • “Butterfly”
  • “Moving On”
  • “Autumn Leaves”
  • “Buckle Up”

Giving Makes Me Feel Good

Last week, Kate Johnston, AKA 4amwriter, posted a writing contest on her blog. The contest involved writing a 250-word (max) story featuring wolves in a positive or hopeful light. Three entrants will be chosen as winners by Kate's panel of judges on April 10, 2017. It...

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Looking Back (Fearless)

It's been a rough start to the new year. Work has been busy, yes, and social media has become a larger part of my job. Between that and homework home life, some things just need to get pushed to the side. When life gets me down, I enjoy revisiting the stories that...

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A Quiet Thank You

This is just a brief post to say thank you to everyone who has clicked on one of my "Finding Mister Wright" PDF story links over the last two-and-a-half years, since I started writing them. The characters who live in those stories - Marshall, Daniel, Rob, Paige, and...

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