My mind has always been full of stories, whether they’re set far off in space or in a small seaside village, about people of many different denominations and from all walks of life. Some stories never make it past the beginning stages of sketches or snippets, while others seem to take off with a life of their own, stretching far beyond my initial ideas. This space focuses on my more mature writing projects, the ones that have grown to a point of proper sharing.

If you like romance, there’s my contemporary fiction novel, Fearless; the finding-your-identity Persona 4 fanfiction 1 More Chance! and its sister stories. There’s also From Hell (A Love Story), the tale of two bounty hunters on the run, set against the Wild West sci-fi backdrop of the Borderlands games; and “Sixes and Sevens”, my 2007 entry for National Novel Writing Month.

If stories about family are more your style, check out my “Songbirds” series of vignettes, focusing on Sally Sparrow and Larry Nightingale from “Doctor Who”; and the “Finding Mister Wright” novella and supporting short stories. “Through Green Eyes” was my very first attempt at a novella, back in 2005, which follows a family in turn-of-the-20th-Century Japan through the eyes of the family cat.

If you’re interested in adventure, there’s “The Daughters of Krull”, a fanfiction piece picking up where the 1983 fantasy film left off; and “Brotherhood of the Dead”, another fanfiction story leaping off from the end of the Metro 2033 series of books and games. “Anywhere But Here” is my original 2012 National Novel Writing Month story about a disparate group of teenage on the run from the fascistic Imperium. Then there’s Highs, Lows, & In-Betweens, the original-character follow-up tale in the universe of From Hell (A Love Story).

Whatever your interests, I hope you find something worthwhile among my work. Happy reading!

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