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I’m Mayumi Hirtzel: Storyteller, video producer, artist, animal advocate, Balanchine enthusiast, and occasional pinup model. I have written many, many stories over the years. They include contemporary fiction with an LGBTQ twist, small-town romances facing big-time issues, and space opera inspired by the Wild West.

Check out my blog to learn more about my writing life, as well as the lessons I’ve learned along the way. I always love to hear what’s going on in readers’ and other writers’ heads, so please feel free to get in touch by leaving a comment on the blog, or using the form on my Contact page. Life is a journey, and I’ve found that the best way to experience a journey is through stories. Won’t you join me on mine?

“Number Seven…” part 8 [original fiction]

part 8   As with many of the troublesome times over his life, Natalya turned out to be Seven’s savior. “Emigration in itself should not be so difficult,” she explained as they sat together on a bench in the park, over carry-away coffees. Sitting beside her...

“Number Seven…” part 7 [original fiction]

part 7   “That can’t be true,” Kirill mumbled around his half-eaten blini. He squinted at Seven. “Can it?” “Of course it can,” Darya said. The tender cubes of meat from her kebab lay mostly uneaten in front of her; she’d left them untouched as soon as...

“Number Seven…” part 6 [original fiction]

part 6 The hotel was still in lockdown in the morning. Number Two collected closed-room statements from each member of the teams and staff one by one, leaving the rest of them to find other ways to occupy their time. The men’s team had taken...

“Number Seven…” part 5 [original fiction]

part 5   One vehicle flew into the air; another flipped over its side like a twisting diver launching from a board. Seven wrenched their car away from the ballooning fire, narrowly missing a truck in the outer lane that screeched sidelong in a panic. A...

“Number Seven…” part 4 [original fiction]

part 4   Waking early was a helpful habit for guarding an athlete who started a rigid training schedule before six in the morning, though the previous day’s frustrations and exhaustions left Seven slightly bleary-eyed when his alarm went off. He got out of...

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